The “Museum of Rural Culture” was born in Gubbio, in the May of the 2015 near the “podere degli Olmi di sotto”.                                                                                                               This building appears both on Ghelli’s map and on the later scaled-down version by Bartoli indicated as “Poderi degli Olmi di sotto” (“Farm of the Lower Elms”). It is a farmhouse with a dovecote tower. The original nucleus, in sandstone, dates back to the Middle Ages and consists of the tower with a two-storey building attached. Three other constructions were added later at different times. The most recent of these is a late nineteenth-early twentieth-century two-storey extension in solid brick, bearing traces of plastering, and the external stairs dating from the same period are also made of the same type of bricks. The “Museum of Rural Culture” is housed inside this farmhouse reproducing authentically some farmhouse rooms of the first half of the twentieth century including displays of tools, implements and household objects connected to some of the seasonal cycles connected to the principal crops.

The farmhouse where the Museum of Rural Culture is placed