The kitchen

The kitchen was, without a doubt, the most important area of the peasant farmer’s house, the centre of the family life and the meeting place of the social life. The museum reconstruction will be useful to know and to investigate all the objects and tools of a past life and to under stand past habits.

The bedroom

The bedrooms were simple, just rooms to sleep, infact the furniture was essential. The head of the household and his wife had the right to occupy the farmhouse’s largest bedroom, the double room. The other rooms were smaller and there were beds according to the number of the members of the family.

Vineyard and wine cycle/Corn cycle

These two sections bring back to life some moments of a past way of living. The objects and tools on display along with a movie clip (collection of everyday life) are tales of jobs that no longer exist, because of the change of progress and tecnology.

Female jobs

Women remained in the house to prepare meals, to take care of children and also they was very skilled to sew, to weave and to embroider their trousseau in the winter months. Nowadays, these handicrafts got lost, just leaving some memories.